Who makes Claddagh rings in South Africa

Claddagh rings in South Africa.

If you do find a Claddagh ring, it is probably imported – from Ireland – as the Irish are the ones whose ring this is – it is known as a friendship ring or an Irish wedding ring. It has a few spellings -Claddegh ring, Claddagh ring, Claddah ring, Claddesh ring – the correct spelling is Claddagh.

Irish wedding ring Claddagh

Traditional Claddagh ring

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Depending on which way it is worn will determine whether it is a friendship ring or a love ring. To buy a silver claddagh or gold Claddagh ring in South Africa you can go to most of it hand made. We also make other Celtic style jewelry and jewelry with runes. Bryanston Organic Market also has a jewellery stal that sells these rings Рand other Irish rings, or Celtic style rings. The goldsmith can custom make rings for you in any style. The market trades on a Thursday and a Saturday from 9am Р3pm Рyou will find a host of products Р. Leather work, knives, art, craft, sculpture, ceramics, organic foods, free range eggs, clothing Рmade in all types of materials. There is a small kiddies section, candle making, sandpit and more. It is the oldest craft market in the country and some of the traders have been there for 30 years Рso trust and quality is not an issue.

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Silver tiara for a Cetic BrideThe claddagh ring comes in 3 styles – a dainty ring for ladies, a chunkier version for men and a matching wedding set with the Claddegh motif and Celtic knots – the his / hers wedding set in in yellow and white gold. If you can find nothing that grabs you, bring a picture and see if the goldsmith can make up what you want. The African Gold stall carries wide range of jewelry in gold, silver and titanium – and some really different products made in precious metals. All custom work is considered – but the jewellers like to have fun – so if it is boring stuff you want you may be turned away. One of the most enjoyable pieces we made is a Celtic style tiara in silver with amethysts and gemstones – worked out really well and the bride was ecstatic. We also made wedding rings for the groom and bride. The groomsmen got Celtic cuff links and the bridesmaids got Celtic pendants. It was great to work on the project – the bride gave us the brief and then allowed our creative juices to run. We started of with basic sketches of the concept, and the bride gave us specific symbols that she wanted included. We then made up the parts and stuck the whole lot together with presstik and sticky tape. After we fitted the tiara and got it sitting exactly where she wanted it we took it back the workshop and soldered it together. Before setting the gemstones we had a final fitting – polished, set and delivered.